Et udvalg af produkter i Mopper og moppestativer

Activa mikrofiberref

Refill for Activa Interior Mop. The mop can be washed up to 60 degrees.

Cleaning Kit UltraSp

UltraSpeed mini is a compact system that combines a 10L bucket with a knob, a 34 cm microfiber mop, a mop stand and a telescopic handle. Store display that contains 8 complete UltraSpeed mini sets. UltraSpeed mini is a hygienic alternative that provides clean and dry floors quickly. Perfect for smaller objects such as shops, pizzerias, small offices, kitchen, WC / bath etc. In addition to floors, can also clean walls, ceilings, tiles, countertops, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas. Easy to store.

Cloth Microfiber Dis

MicronSolo is the perfect solution where high demands are placed on hygiene and where disposable materials are a requirement - e.g. operating rooms and patient rooms. MicronSolo can also be used for general cleaning of objects that do not have washing facilities. Thanks to the absorption, it can often replace paper for drying - you get a really clean result with the purchase. MicronSolo contains a unique combination of super-thin microfibers together with absorbent viscose fibers. Thanks to the "Micron technology", the microfibers can be split into as many as 32 parts, which is at least twice as much as other traditional microfibre fabrics. As a result, MicronSolo achieves a deeper and more efficient cleaning result.


Damp Mop KBM Micro M

A damp mop with microfiber made of 80% PES, 20% PA, velcro in 100% PES. With loops and looped fringe, can be color coded. Adapted for the KBM stand. Where environmental requirements are most important, you can advantageously use this mop Used with advantage as a staining mop, preferably prepared from a washing machine Long service life with a 500 wash guarantee for function and durability if washing instructions are followed

Damp Mop KBM Micro M

Optimal moisture mop made of 80% PES, 20% PA, Velcro of 100% PES. Based on the latest in microfiber-based mops. Adapted for the KBM stand. Used advantageously where very high hygiene requirements are set. Unique ergonomics in connection with the large surface area of ultra-fine microfibre Has high harvesting capacity, water retains Well Eyelets, lashes and microproduct surface have a high cleaning capacity Long service life with 500 wash guarantees regarding function and durability if maintenance advice is followed

Disposable mop Vikan

This disposable mop gives extremely good results. Used when there is no washing facilities, the mop is made of 100% polyester microfiber.