Minimicro is a Nordic Ecolabelled microfiber cloth that is also approved for hygiene cleaning, thanks to a good reduction of microorganisms. A big advantage is that the entire fabric is used before washing. When a normal size cleaning cloth is not folded as it should, in order to work with new clean sides, use max 50% of the cloth before it goes to laundry. With minimicro, laundry and handling are reduced by up to 70%. By using two sides fully and you have better control which side is dirty, you also do not spread contamination and dirt as easy. The weight is lower and the size is adjusted to the palm of your hand so you can work ergonomically with open hand.

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Mikrofiberklud X-tech, 22x17 cm, blå
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Mikrofiberklud X-tech, 22x17 cm, rød
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