Et udvalg af produkter i Svampeklude

Cleaning Cloth Wette

The original! Ever since 1949, Wettex sponge cloth has been the best-selling of its kind. Over the years, the concept has been developed and refined and today's canvas has a superior absorbency. NOTE! Contains only blue and pink. A pure natural product of cotton and cellulose. Strong cotton fibers make the fabric last a long time. - High absorption. Easy to rinse and does not fluff. Available in blue and pink (not yellow). Color coding minimizes the risk of bacterial spread. When the cloth is worn, place it on the compost heap - together with other degradable waste, it turns into topsoil

Dispenser til Microroll/Quick 'n Dry

Dispenserløsning til Microroll og Quick 'n Dry


Quick n Dry

Svampeklud af bomuld og cellulose. Perforeret på rulle.

Svampeklud Wettex Soft

En tyndere og mere fleksibel svampeklud til optimal anvendelse i køkkenmiljøer.

Svampeklud, Maxi

Tørreklud med rigtigt god sugeevne. Et naturprodukt af bomuld og cellulose. Vaskes ved 95 grader. Kan komposteres.