Et udvalg af produkter i Kombiskuremaskiner Nilfisk


Very useful in confined spaces. Brushing pressure 27 kg.

Nilfisk NFSC2000

The SC2000 combination burner significantly increases working comfort compared to a walk-behind machine. Ideal for cleaning offices, supermarkets, sports halls, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools. The SC2000 has a working speed of 6 km / h - compared to about 4 km / h for a walk-behind combi machine. This compact combination machine is easy to operate even in confined areas. The quiet setting with low noise level allows for daytime cleaning even in sound sensitive areas. The two-key system ensures minimal waste time, reduces the risk of operator error with a gray operator key for basic settings and a yellow superuser key with full access to all settings. High speed, 70l tank and 3.5h running time 53 cm scour width and good suction capacity on all floor types The amount of water and detergent is automatically adjusted in relation to the speed of the machine 53 cm brush deck with speed control, which automatically adjusts to the floor type Automatic water filling as an accessory


Nilfisk SC500

The SC500 is a scrubber that is carefully designed to improve productivity and reduce your overall cleaning costs. The machine is user-friendly and has a number of smart features that make it possible to use the scrubber with low consumption of water and detergents. The amount of water and detergent is automatically adjusted in relation to the speed of the machine. The scrubber has several functions that help reduce cleaning costs. The eco-friendly Nilfisk Ecoflex dosing system provides greater flexibility in the use of detergents including floor washing with water only at the touch of a button. The SC500 is quiet which allows cleaning during the day. 53 cm brush deck with speed control that is adapted to the quality of the floor The chest tire is raised / lowered electronically Automatic control of detergent / water Double brush pressure can be activated if required Separate keys for superuser and operator