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Antea 50 is part of the new generation of Comac combi machines on an aluminum chassis to reduce weight, increase durability and ease of use. An efficient and simple machine that thanks to the four wheels is easily controlled even in small spaces. The machine is available with traditional roundabout / brush technology or brush roll technology with sweep function as well as the new Orbital technology which on many flooring materials is superior in cleaning ability compared to the other technologies. Orbital technology also uses significantly less cleaning solution which is good for the environment. The machine is equipped with an easy-to-use display and control panel. Can be equipped with GPS system that allows you to perform tests and adjustments of the machine remotely, which leads to lower costs for service technicians. Scour width: 51 cm (20 ") Suction scraper: 70 cm Tank volume (clean / dirt): 40/60 liters Battery: 24V, 76-105 Ah Power: Front and rear via the wheels Scrub pressure: 30 kg Noise level: 66dB (A) Theoretical capacity: about 1780 m2 / h

Comac C130BS

Comac C130 BS is suitable for cleaning heavy dirt both outdoors and indoors, for example in large shops, malls and shopping centers, but is also suitable for cleaning parking garages and storage areas. Scrub with traditional roundabout technique and sweeps with cylinder brush to pick up debris, loose dirt and thus leave dry floors immediately after cleaning. Equipped with electric filter shake to always have a clean filter, controlled directly from the dashboard. Simple program selector (Eco / Standard / Plus) via touch display, adjustable steering wheel and adjustable driver's seat. Scour width: 130 cm Scrub pressure: 130-180 kg Clean water tank: 300 liters Dirt water tank: 360 liters Container volume: 40 liters Theoretical capacity: 7800 sqm / h


Walk behind combi

The i-mop XL combines the cleaning power of a large combi scrubber with the flexibility of a mop. The machine's double-jointed clutch makes the machine so flexible that it can be operated 360 degrees around its own axis. The machine is very easy to operate and ergonomically designed for reduced load. Very high logging rate. The machine offers the possibility of cleaning machines, offices, toilets, classrooms, care rooms etc., which otherwise could only be cleaned manually. Batteries, chargers, round brackets (2p) and brushes (2p) are included. 46 cm scour width for high felling. Double-jointed connection for 360 degree maneuverability. 22kg brush pressure and 350 RPM for very high cleaning and polishing effect. Battery life of 1.3 hours at full charge. With dual battery packs, you run continuously 24/7. Removable clean water and dirty water tank for filling and emptying water quickly and easily. Comes with battery, charger, round bracket (2p) and brushes (2p)