Et udvalg af produkter i Gulvrondeller KBM

KBM P Sanding Net

Sanding nets are primarily used to sand away polish without water to speed up the process of adding new polish without waiting times. Can also be used to dry wood flooring. Used in conjunction with scouring pads to get a flexible and flexible installation against the floor.


The EPP pad is a special pad primarily designed to scrub away old polish with just water. An environmentally friendly method that also simplifies the removal of polish by less rinsing. The EPP pad can also be used for rough scouring of floors and intermediate sanding of polish layers.

KBM PPad HighPro

High Pro is a very rough pad, coarser than the black one, which can be used when you really need heavy cleaning, mainly on stone floors and the like. Can also be used to dry wood flooring. Used with great care on floor surfaces other than coarse concrete.


KBM PPad Pol LBlue

Light blue polish pad is completely made of polyester. Provides a high gloss on polish coated surfaces as well as other materials made for polishing. Can be used for spray polishing and is effective from 300 rpm up to 3,000 rpm.

KBM PPad Polish Nat

The nature pad is made of natural fibers mixed with polyester. The pad gives a very high gloss when polishing 1,500 rpm up to 3,000 rpm. Thanks to the natural fibers included, the risk of causing burn marks in the floor is much less. Can also be used for spray polish. Should achieve at least 1,500 turns for a satisfactory result.

KBM PPad+ Blue

Power Pad + is a grinding and polishing pad with a substance "Ferrzon" which is a material harder than diamond. Used as diamond grinding and gives a fantastic result on primarily stone floors. Also available as scouring blocks. Abrasive Ferrzon