Et udvalg af produkter i Forstærket Tape

Duct Tape Basic Gray

The chip is a versatile multifunction band that has properties for a wide range of applications and a very good adhesion capability. The PE support is reinforced with an 18-mesh PET fabric and coated with a sticky synthetic rubber adhesive. Suitable for sealing ducts, attaching protective films, fixing and much more. Treadable Easy-rolled Heat resistant +95 C

Duct Tape Extra Powe

tesa extra Power Universal is a versatile tape that is characterized by extra strong bonding force. It is an excellent silver tape that is extra strong and also acts as a versatile repair tape. Being a universal repair tape for indoor and outdoor use, it is sufficiently weather resistant and adheres to almost all surfaces. Intended for crafts, repair, assembly, packaging, reinforcement, labeling and much more Facilitates daily work, provides quick and easy repairs Very good adhesion to all types of substrates Can be used both inside and outside Can be torn off by hand Solvent free


Duct tape 3365

A mat duct tape that makes no reflexes.

Lærredstape, PG 114

Kraftig, tæt lærredstape af bomuldsvæv med polyethylenoverside. Velegnet til de fleste anvendelsesområder. Tåler fugt og vand og er varmebestandig op til ca. +100 °C.

Lærredstape, PG 115

Tapen har overside af sølvgråt polyethylenbelagt meget tæt rayonvæv. Klæbemasse af gummiharpiks, med høj varmebestandighed, ca. +120 °C.