Et udvalg af produkter i Pakketape

PS Tape PP Acrylic

Packing tape with polypropylene backing and acrylic adhesive. Silent and smooth.

Pack Tape Paper/HM

Papirtape, som har en umiddelbar og effektiv vedhæftning. Er derfor særligt velegnet til lukning af emballager med voks- og polyethylenbelagte overflader. Fungerer også godt til lette og ikke helt fyldte kasser.


Packing Tape Tesa 40

tesa® 4024 PV 2 is based on a PP carrier coated with a special sticky, water-based acrylic adhesive. The adhesive's excellent adhesion provides a fast and good seal. Other features of tesa® 4024 PV 2 are quiet unwinding, excellent age resistance. Can be used in all common tape holders and machines.

Packing Tape Tesa 41

tesa® 4124 is a premium packing tape that is based on a very durable carrier material of polyvinyl chloride foil and a strong adhesive of natural rubber. The packing tape has outstanding adhesion to all types of cardboard and guarantees a secure closure of medium to very heavy cartons. The tape has a high tensile strength, which makes it very tear-resistant. tesa® 4124 rolls are light and quiet, which makes it ideal for use with both hand dispensers and automatic sealing equipment. Leading recycling companies and paper mills have confirmed that the recycling process of cardboard waste is not affected by the tape. tesa® 4124 is easy to print on and is available in white, brown and transparent.

Packing Tape Tesa US

tesapack ultra strong is a strong packing tape. It is intended for demanding applications with the need for extra security from very durable tape. Very tensile strength with PVC carrier. Natural rubber adhesive with good adhesion. Very secure closure.