Et udvalg af produkter i Svejsehandsker

WS Weld 2

Soft and flexible welding glove for those welding work where a good finger feel is needed. Worksafe Weld 2 is equipped with a soft collar that does not rub on the forearm. Suitable for MIG / TIG welding, assembly, workshop and craft. Soft goatskin Good finger feel Collar of soft nut slit Unlined Sewn with Kevlar thread Elastic on the upper hand for best fit Contact heat 100 ° C


Worksafe Weld 12

TIG / MIG welding glove in soft and supple goat leather. The collar is stiff to easily fit over the sweater or jacket sleeve. Suitable for: TIG and MIG welding, assembly, workshop and crafts.

Worksafe Weld 3

TIG welding glove with a soft and supple inner hand in goat leather. The upper in the nut split leather to provide better protection against heat. Suitable for: TIG welding, assembly, workshop and crafts.