Et udvalg af produkter i Kemikaliehandsker

AlphaTec 58-128

AlphaTec 58-128 has an improved finger feel with protection for lighter chemical work tasks with Ansell Grip Technology ™. With its unique "Thin Nitrile Technology" composition, the new AlphaTec® 58-128 glove takes performance with optimal flexibility to new levels and allows the hand to move naturally without restriction. The thin nitrile barrier provides superior hand protection against irritating contact fluids. Ansell Grip Technology ™ also enables handling of small oily or wet items with greater precision. The design includes a flexible, loosely knitted inner glove and a coating of elastic nitrile composition for better finger feel, tactility and comfort.

AlphaTec 58-270

Ansell introduces a new AlphaTec® glove for light to medium chemical applications. The thin double nitrile dip and gauge seamless nylon lining provide excellent tactility and flexibility. In addition, the low weight of the glove provides better comfort than any other chemical resistant glove. Easy to put on and off and the accumulation of heat is minimal. It therefore causes less hand sweat than other chemical resistant gloves. Wherever there are chemicals, oil and grease, AlphaTec® 58-270 provides the best grip thanks to Ansell Grip Technology ™. The design of the protective collar prevents tear damage and itching on bare hands. The user's hands remain clean. Suitable for: Maintenance, light assembly work in chemical environments, handling of chemicals, handling of grease and oil-coated materials, refining - oil and gasoline, handling of different colors, adhesives and adhesives.


Barrier 02-100

Chemical protection glove that protects against most chemicals. No other material provides the same protection as multilayer film. Ansells Barrier 02-100 is laminated in 5 layers. You can advantageously use an outer glove of a stronger model if you want higher mechanical resistance. Suitable for: Emergency services, environmental remediation, chemical industry, automotive industry, laboratory work, pharmaceuticals, aerospace industry. Ergonomic design Inspected to 100% Broad spectrum resistance Each glove is air pressure tested individually