Et udvalg af produkter i Høreværn

3M Ear Caps 200

3M ™ E-A-R ™ E-A-R Caps ™ Earplug with bracket EC-01-000 is one of the lightest bracket earplugs on the market. Protects all day during noise-exposed work and is ideal as a one-time protection for visitors to the factory. Extra plugs can be ordered. The rounded plugs seal the opening of the ear canal and make the hearing protector comfortable to use Hygienic thanks to the tip of the ear need not be touched.

3M Earsoft Ear Plug

3M ™ E-A-R ™ E-A-Rsoft Earplugs (rolled - neon yellow) ES-01-001 are high-impact earplugs made of polyurethane foam that expand slowly. Earplugs for evenly distributed pressure, good sealing and optimal comfort 3M ™ E-A-Rsoft ™ Earplugs (neon yellow) are also available with blue vinyl cord

3M MT72H5..EX-head

EX-approved headset with double shell for extra high attenuation and optimized acoustic design, as well as excellent space for the ears for the best possible sound quality and comfort.


3M Peltor Kid H510AK earmuff head band

3M Peltor ™ Kid Hearing protection (passive) has a lovely color and is only available with a headband. These products, especially for young people (including children), are intended to protect against moderate noise levels in everyday situations such as play and games. The covers have a sleek, compact and modern design The well-visible color makes the covers easier to see, which also contributes to increased safety. The very low profile of the headband helps to maintain the pressure in a safe way.

3M Peltor MT53N12A1 Micophone

Replacement microphone for Peltor LiteCom PMR 446, WS Lite-Com PMR 446, Lite-Com III and Lite-Com Basic.

3M Peltor X1 Ear muf

Peltor X1B hearing protection with neck strap is a new innovative hearing protection in a modern design, which focuses on high comfort and damping technology that gives the hearing protection a narrow profile. Hearing protection protects against light industrial noise. Simple color code: Green indicates first level attenuation within the new series. Electrically insulated headband that is easy to adjust. Weight: 149 g