Et udvalg af produkter i Bøjlehøreværn

3M Ear Caps 200

3M ™ E-A-R ™ E-A-R Caps ™ Earplug with bracket EC-01-000 is one of the lightest bracket earplugs on the market. Protects all day during noise-exposed work and is ideal as a one-time protection for visitors to the factory. Extra plugs can be ordered. The rounded plugs seal the opening of the ear canal and make the hearing protector comfortable to use Hygienic thanks to the tip of the ear need not be touched.

Moldex JazzBand 6700

Bracket plugs with cord so that the hearing protector can be hung around the neck when not in use. Release at given pressure. Ideal for use in environments with varying noise levels. Comes with a few extra spare plugs