Et udvalg af produkter i Øjenværn

3M 9100Air Speedglas

Air duct for use if the original duct is damaged (pits, cutting holes, tears) during use.

3M G5-02 speed plate

Outer protective glass replaces worn or damaged glass on 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet G5-02.

3M G5-02 weld helmet

Shell for welding helmet G5-02 without headband, front cover or welding glass.


3M G5-02 weldingglas

Welding glass with automatic dimming, variable density 2.5, 8–12. Thanks to improved optics, with 3M Speedglas arched welding glass G5-02 you can distinguish colors better thanks to the 3M Speedglas Natural Color technology.

3M G500-GU Huvudstäl

3M head stand G500 is delivered without visor and earmuffs. Head protection (yellow)

3M Magn G5-02 s.glas

Get a clearer and closer overview of the weld with a magnifying glass. Attached directly to the internal protective glass on G5-02, which makes installation easier and safer.