Et udvalg af produkter i Visirer

3M G500-GU Huvudstäl

3M head stand G500 is delivered without visor and earmuffs. Head protection (yellow)

3MPeltor Multisystem

3M G500 Helmet combination for industry G500V5H510. Practical and comfortable face and hearing protection for applications where head protection does not need to be used. Front protection provides good ventilation and acts as a cord holder for communication products Visor of clear polycarbonate: Coating that protects against fogging and impact Integrated goggles: For increased eye protection, you can use integrated goggles in series V6 * together with the G500 (the goggles are available with clear, gray and yellow lenses) Hearing protection: Thanks to the headband's robust construction, the G500 can be used both with and without earmuffs. The groove is 30 mm and fits Peltor's P3E brackets for earmuffs


Browguard w Visor Bi

Advanced ergonomic design, extended chin and top-of-head protection, and a ratcheting headgear mechanism for a secure and comfortable fit.