Et udvalg af produkter i Filtrerende halvmasker

3M 8810F klass FFP2

3M ™ Filtration Breath Protection 8810 is lightweight and comfortable and effectively protects against dust and steam.

3M 8822F klass FFP2

Filtering respiratory protection 8822. The unique valve and the shape-resistant shell provide safe and comfortable protection - especially in a warm and humid environment.


F.Half Mask noVent 3

Filtering half-mask 3M 8833F has a robust shell and a cup-shaped design that fits most face shapes and fits well on the face during use. The half mask has a super soft inner material, an extra soft edge and an M-shaped nose bar for immediate comfort that lasts a long time. While the design makes the mask robust and durable. Due to the Corona virus, there is a large shortage of FFP masks worldwide. We can not provide any delivery order for us to be awarded by the manufacturers according to what they have available, not what we have ordered. We reserve the right to cancel abnormally large orders that have not been agreed with the Sales Director at Procurator AB in advance. 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve that Facilitates Exhalation Cotton Bands for Extra Comfort and Longevity Protects Against Dust / Metal Smoke with Highest Use Level Up to 50xHgv Reusable