Et udvalg af produkter i SCBA udstyr

Breathing Cyl Comp N

CTS FWC 300 bar Cylinder is a new type of composite cylinder type 4 with an ultra light PET (polyethylene terephthalate) liner. The cylinders are of type NLL "no limit life". VTI valve with blasting ink and exceess flow valve for highest safety. Choose medium straight or right angled valve. Test printing every 5 years as other cylinders.

Manometer 300 Bar

Manometer 300 Bar


Mask Vision 3 RAS M/

Vision 3 positive mask, gives exceptionally good visibility, the mask has an outer mask of silicone and an inner mask of TPE, the mask is available in 3 sizes SMM / L, the mask has connection with bayonet bracket on the left side and DIN 40 thread on the right side The face mask visor has multi-curved and is made of scratch- and impact-resistant polycarbonate with a fire-retardant coating. The mask provides outstanding panoramic views. The visor is held in place with two U-shaped clamps. The mask has an integrated speech membrane of very high quality. Bayonet bracket on the left side, and DIN 40 thread for filters on the right side Outstanding speech reproduction

Sabre Red Valve 084.

Reduktionsventil HP-RED2-W-C 084.205.01 för 300 bar -> 6-8bar. DIN-ingång, CEN-utgång (hona), vissla (55 bar) och manometer.