Et udvalg af produkter i Falddæmperliner

3M ProtectaP Welders

Fall arrest line, reinforced with Nomex and Kevlar. Suitable for welding and hot work. Heat-resistant up to 371 ° C Heat- and fire-resistant cover for the fall arrester package Reinforced strap with Nomex® / Kevlar® fiber


Miller Lanyard Kernm

Double fall arrest line (2x1.5m) with large steel hooks and 11mm core jacket rope. The rope is cut-resistant and has been edge tested to guarantee a safer working environment at edges (r≥0.5 mm). Edge test: r≥0.5mm

Miller Manyard TwinA

Double flexible fall arrest line with large hooks in aluminum. Durable housing and tested and approved for falls over the edge (r≥0.5mm). Large hooks in aluminum Durable casing Edge tested (r≥0.5mm)